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Marriage Catalyst Essential Course

Are you married, crazy busy, and looking for a practical way to GROW your relationship without leaving your home?​

The BIG Problem

Most married couples are TOO BUSY to WORK on GROWING their RELATIONSHIP.

Can You or Your Spouse Relate?

  • We’re building our careers, but we STRUGGLE to find an easy way to grow our marriage.

  • SILENCE has increased; we don’t talk very much. 

  • Meaningful talk is absent and only in our past.

  • When we do speak, we ARGUE and FIGHT about the SAME things.

  • Love and respect have LEFT our relationship.

  • FORGIVING one another is a painful and recurring issue.

  • We STRUGGLE in our sex life; our passion and affection for one another is GONE.

  • Our marriage does NOT have a clear PURPOSE or DIRECTION. 

  • Trust needs to be RESTORED and REBUILT.

  • Our laughter has been REPLACED with SILENCE.

What's the difference?

Growing couples have a COMMITMENT, a COACH, and a COURSE OF ACTION to help them BUILD a THRIVING marriage.

My Story

  • My wife Yami and I struggled early in our marriage. We both worked long hours. The non-stop pace was brutal, exhausting, and unsustainable. Yami worked for attorneys and I worked for a large Fortune 500 company.

  • We both struggled to communicate well. We regularly disagreed about finances–saving and spending—risks, and investments. We were very different people just trying to figure things out along the way. For example, I made key decisions without consulting Yami–that was a BIG mistake. Can you relate?

  • Our past negatively affected our relational and physical intimacy. We experienced constant frustrations as we tried to deal with these important areas of our relationship and take steps in the right direction. We also needed to develop healthier financial practices.

  • We needed to develop deeper levels of trust and understanding of one another. We needed to practice genuine forgiveness and restoration in our relationship. Our marriage needed more meaningful conversations and relational intimacy.

  • I spent the first 10 years of my marriage trying to change my spouse to think, speak, and respond in the same way that I would. That was a mistake. It was highly frustrating—and worst of all—it did not work. 

  • I was working crazy hours, frustrated in my marriage, and ready to make a change. I wasted precious time and significant energy. Even worse, I crushed my soulmate’s spirit and hurt our marriage.

  • But one day, my marriage dramatically shifted. I made a commitment to marriage coaching and training to change direction and transform my marriage. Enough was enough! I worked hard on building my career and increasing my education. It was now time to start working on building a healthy marriage. So, I started investing in our future as a couple and applied a new course of action. And guess what? It worked! And if it worked my marriage, it can work for yours too.

  • So that’s why I created the Marriage Catalyst Essential Course. Because every married couple needs a commitment, a coach, and a course of action to build a thriving marriage. You don’t have to struggle in your marriage. There is real hope for your relationship.

Your marriage was designed to thrive with life, laughter, and purpose. Now is the best time to invest in growing your relationship.

Introducing the Marriage Catalyst Essential Online Course

Are you and your spouse ready to start building a stronger and healthier marriage? Then it's time to start investing in the growth of your marriage. It's time to apply a proven strategy for relational success.

The Marriage Catalyst Essential Course leverages a combination of teaching videos, helpful articles, online quizzes, fill-in-the-blank workbooks, practical activities, and personal application questions for you and your spouse to dive deeper into your relationship. This proven methodology is designed to help you and your spouse build a stronger and healthier marriage.

How will this course benefit my marriage?

  • Create an environment where love, anticipation, and praise can flourish in all areas of your relationship.

  • Learn how to become more intentional in your communication.

  • Discover the seven purposes of your marriage and how to realize a greater impact through your relationship.

  • Align your relationship with the things that matter most in life.

  • Stop trying to control your spouse.

  • Leverage the strengths of your spouse to maximize your impact.

  • Find the true source of satisfaction for your marriage to grow.

  • Practice the timeless characteristics of love and respect in your relationship with greater clarity, excitement, and hope for the future.

  • Avoid the five factors in the Relational Cycle of Destruction.

  • Learn how to reverse old patterns of behavior.

  • Start practicing the five keys to the Relational Cycle of Growth.

  • Embrace the keys to effective communication and start making better decisions together. 

Imagine a day when YOUR MARRIAGE OVERFLOWS with love, passion, laughter, and purpose.

Start Dreaming Again

Remembering the Dream for Your Marriage (4 Sessions)

I want to help you replenish your marriage with passion and purpose. The first four sessions will help you and your spouse remember the original dream for your marriage. We all dreamed of spending countless hours with our spouses immersed in conversation, laughter, and love. This first group of session videos will teach you and your spouse how to reignite your passion for one another.

Establishing a Strong Foundation (3 Sessions)

The second module will focus on establishing a strong foundation for your marriage. Since God is the one who created marriage, it makes sense to discover the purposes outlined in His book, the Bible, for your marriage to thrive. These session videos will help you and your spouse understand the purpose of your marriage.

Love Never Fails

Connecting to the Right Source (2 Sessions)

The third module will center on connecting to the right source for your marriage to grow healthy and strong. Satisfaction is a powerful force. Connecting to the wrong source of satisfaction will lead your relationship down a path of frustration, pain, and regret. Let’s make sure we connect you to the right source.

Love and Respect (3 Sessions)

The fourth module is without question, a participants’ favorite. It focuses on connecting to the core of your spouse’s greatest need. These sessions will help you discover the most important need that your spouse has and how to consistently meet this need. We will help you understand the implications of the Relational Cycle of Destruction and the Relational Cycle of Growth.

What is the alternative and the cost?

Divorce (in Florida): How Much Does It Cost and How Long Does It Take?

  • Average Cost = $13,500 

  • Average Cost With Children = $15,500 

  • Average Cost With Alimony Disputes = $17,700 

  • Average Cost With Alimony Trial = $27,800 

  • Average Duration = 15 Months (Source: Martindale-Nolo Research)

Even if you and your spouse are crazy busy, there's an easy, flexible, and affordable way to build your marriage.​

How Does Our Online Course Help?

1. You develop a plan and a path to intentionally grow your marriage

2. You leverage an affordable way to invest in your relationship

3. You learn proven principles for relational success

4. You start practicing good habits for your marriage to thrive

Marcel and Yami Sanchez

Marcel has been enthusiastically married to his wife, Yami, for over 30 years and has two adult children, Luke and Savanah, along with a mischievous dog named Smokey.

Marcel is a Certified Professional Coach and accredited through the ICF. He graduated with a B. A. in Human Resources Management from Trinity International University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. He's published over 18 books and training guides. Marcel is the author of Marriage Catalyst and Matrimonio Por Diseño.

Try It Out 100% Risk-Free!

21-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Promise

All of our courses come with a 21-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content, send us a text—with all of your contact details—to request a full refund: 786-554-0312

Intention without action is only a dream. Your relationship will not grow automatically. Take the first step to make your marriage better.

WHY Should You Start Today?

  • Your family deserves your BEST. As a married couple, your best is when your relationship is healthy and moving forward.

  • Doing NOTHING has NOT helped your relationship at all.

  • Investing in your marriage is a MUCH BETTER investment than booking another vacation.

  • NOW is the BEST time to START strengthening your relationship.

  • The Marriage Catalyst Essential Online Course is easy to start, track, and finish. It only takes 30-minutes per week to complete.

  • You can watch the course from anywhere at anytime.

  • Building a stronger marriage is a priority for you and your spouse; YOU CAN make the time—30-minutes weekly—to finish this course.

  • The future stability and success of your CHILDREN is directly affected by the health of your marriage.

  • Divorce is painfully LONG (about 15 months) and EXPENSIVE (north of  $13,500). Every divorce has a COST—spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational—that is much higher than we can imagine.

  • For a limited time, our special offer includes one complimentary marriage coaching session—via ZOOM.

  • Allows you to repeat sessions and test your knowledge in a fun way.

No matter how crazy your schedule may be in a given week, you and your spouse can plan 30-minutes on the calendar to build a stronger and healthier marriage.

Here’s What You Get!

  • Access: Digital access to the Marriage Catalyst 12-Week Essential Online Course through our website Imagine Coaching Academy website.

  • Workbook: Course Participant Guide (PDF Download)

  • Bonus #1: Digital Download: Extraordinary Discipline Cheatsheet (Valued at $29.99)

  • Bonus #2: One-Year PDF Devotional: Walking With Jesus / Andando Con Jesús (Valued at $24.99)

  • Bonus #3: Discounted Rates for Future Courses (Recurring Value)

  • Special Bonus #4: One Complimentary Marriage Coaching Session (Valued at $500.00)

You can make EXCUSES, or you can START BUILDING your marriage, but you CAN'T DO BOTH. Start Building Your Marriage Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

An online course is a pre-recorded class, streamed over the Internet and designed to deliver specific information on one or more topics. Online courses serve businesses, organizations, individual professionals, and busy married couples by removing the most common training obstacles: limited time, training availability, flexibility, and affordability.

The Marriage Catalyst 12-Week Online Essential Course leverages a combination of teaching videos, helpful articles, online quizzes, fill-in-the-blank workbooks, practical activities, and personal application questions for you and your spouse to dive deeper into your relationship. This proven methodology is designed to help you and your spouse build a stronger and healthier marriage.

Yes. Our course is 100% online. Watch it any time and on any device. You can easily work through each session from the convenience of your home or at any location where an Internet connection is available. The Participant Guide is a downloadable PDF file made accessible, once payment has been processed. It can be downloaded from the course profile section.

This course is designed for married couples with busy schedules who want to take steps to build their marriage. The Marriage Catalyst 12-Week Online Essential Course is for couples who are serious about growing their marriage, regardless of their years of experience as a married couple. It’s a great way to boost your relationship. This course leads you and your spouse to discuss the things that really matter to make your marriage thrive.

Engaged Couples
Married Couples Without Children
Married Couples With Children
Married Couples With Demanding Careers
Married Couples Who Work as Entrepreneurs
Separated Couples Seeking to Rebuild their Marriage

Digital learning is the broad brush that leads us to tools such as online courses and programs. Most participants gain a great deal of knowledge, especially since most of the online coursework is completed remotely. With fewer distractions and interruptions, participants gain higher levels of learning. This translates into high knowledge-based application and implementation. For couples that add Professional Marriage Coaching to their online course, these couples can expect to be challenged to move their marriage forward in a personalized online environment.

Our online training courses were developed in a responsive setting, meaning that every device—laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone—will have the course materials adjusted to fit the size of their device of choice. Most couples prefer streaming the course sessions on their Smart TV.

Yes! Our online coaching programs are delivered to couples via ZOOM. Our 2-Month Marriage Coaching plan is by far, our most popular marriage coaching program. You can also take advantage of our 3-Month Coaching Program if this better serves you and your spouse.

Yes! Think of marriage coaching as a constant voice of encouragement to move your marriage forward. Watching the Marriage Catalyst Online Essential Course in collaboration with marriage coaching, gives your relationship the greatest opportunity for success.

Marriage is NOT EASY. We do not promise a magical pill or a seven-step formula. You can expect to be personally challenged to make changes in your life first. Only God can change your spouse and only God can change your heart. Expect to identify specific attitudes and behaviors that need to change to make your marriage thrive. So, you can expect to laugh at times with your spouse as you watch these sessions. At other times we may deal with a difficult or sensitive subject. The key is to practice what you’re learning to get the most out of this course. 

Helping you and your spouse build a stronger and healthier marriage really matters to us. We want this course to make a lasting difference in the life of your marriage. If you have children, they will benefit the most from your investment. For this reason, we’ve decided to offer this guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, just send us a text (786-554-0312) within 21-days of the purchase date, requesting a full, immediate refund.

Once you and your spouse select your course plan and finalize payment, we will send you a payment confirmation email. We will send you the log in credentials to access your course in a second email.

Unfortunately no. Use of the Marriage Catalyst Essential Online Marriage Course is for you and your spouse alone. If you would like to buy the online course as a gift for another couple, enter the email information of the person you wish to gift it to as you make your payment. You may have to checkout on PayPal as a guest to do so if using this payment method.

You can contact us directly:

Text: 786-554-0312

Direct: 786-554-0312

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Try It Out 100% Risk-Free!

21-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Promise

All of our courses come with a 21-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content, send us a text—with all of your contact details—to request a full refund: 786-554-0312

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