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Creating Habits to Protect, Direct, and Grow Your Marriage


Being intentional about knowing God and obeying His Word will create habits to protect, direct, and grow your marriage.  When you consider the keys to a growing marriage, the word “chance” seldom comes to mind.  You see, being passive in your marriage and just “letting things work out” usually leads to increased friction, painful heartache, and a basket full of relational challenges.  You must be proactive to make your marriage work.  You must plan for your marriage to grow. 

When it comes to your spiritual growth, be deliberate, and take practical steps to advance your walk with the Lord.  Go above and beyond what feels comfortable and natural to make gains in your relationship with God and your spouse.  Design every activity considering what the Bible teaches.  When you do, realizing the abundant life God wants for you and your spouse can become a reality.


The fruit of your marriage is a direct result of your obedience to God’s Word.


So, as we navigate through these keys, consider your own relationship, and ask, “Am I practicing the right things to grow my marriage?  Am I being intentional about the right things?  If not, then what changes can I make to get back on track?”  This is really the heart of this final section.  Aligning your life to God’s perfect Word is what this is all about.  You see, the fruit of your marriage is a direct result of your obedience to God’s Word.  What you sow is what you reap. 

If we’ve been unfolding a self-centered agenda into our marriage and leading our spouse down the wrong path, let’s change what we introduce into our marriage and invest our efforts in those things that produce lasting spiritual and relational fruit.

But how do you build a growing marriage?  And what does a growing marriage have to do with connecting intentionally with God, His Word, and your spouse?  If you invest your energy into building your marriage God’s way, you can expect to realize an environment where dreams can be fulfilled, relationships grow stronger, and a strong legacy is modeled for others to follow.

Intentionally Build Your Marriage!


The final section of this course is designed to help you and your spouse learn to apply healthy habits to build a growing marriage.


Embracing Forgiveness through Grace, Mercy, Commitment, and Faith (4 Sessions)


Our ninth section begins with powerful teaching on the importance of forgiving your spouse. Biblical forgiveness helps you move your marriage forward through complete unconditional forgiveness. We help you and your spouse understand how forgiveness, grace, mercy, commitment, and faith all contribute to the healing and development of your relationship.


Creating Habits to Protect, Direct, and Grow Your Marriage (3 Sessions)

Are good habits important? Yes! Is practicing healthy relationship principles important? Yes! Creating habits to protect, direct, and grow your marriage is also important. This tenth section helps you and your spouse develop relational habits to make your marriage stronger and healthier.


Displaying Your Love for Your Spouse to Experience (4 Sessions)

It is not enough to tell your spouse, “I love you.” Your actions must back up your words. Moreover, your display of love to your spouse should be constant and increasing in quality. This eleventh section will help you and your spouse discover the secrets of displaying your love for your spouse to experience.


Persevering through Life’s Challenges (4 Sessions)

Every marriage faces severe storms. Your marriage is no exception. Some of these storms are relational and others are stress-related in nature. Some storms are financial and others involve physical challenges. Whatever the type of storm you and your spouse face, this twelfth section will teach you how to persevere through life’s most difficult challenges.


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This course is based on the timeless supracultural principles of the Bible, God's Word. Since God is the author of marriage and life itself, our conviction is that the best plan for our lives, and for our marriage, is to align both of them with God's ways. Marriage is a picture of the relationship between Jesus and His church. We teach these amazing principles out of an overflow of gratitude, humility, and a deep love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Together is better. We encourage couples to watch the videos, work through the activities, and answer questions together in a relaxed environment. Part of the design for this course is to stimulate conversation and application after each session.
Spreading out the videos over a few weeks is the best approach. We recommend picking two or three nights during the week, giving yourself at least an hour to allow for open conversation and reflection.
Yes. We want each spouse to have their own workbook and complete all fill-in-the-blanks, activities, and application questions. The reason for this is surprisingly simple. The more you write and engage with the content, the more you will get out of this course.
Expect to be challenged in your thinking as it relates to your role in the marriage relationship. As you separate generous amounts of time to review what your spouse wrote down during the activity time or personal application time, expect to discover new insights. As you do, ask additional questions to deepen your understanding.
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