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When you combine the Marriage Catalyst Essential Course with Professional Coaching, you’re giving your relationship the right foundation for growing your marriage. 

Why Should You Consider Marriage Coaching?

Every marriage needs a COMMITMENT, a COACH, and a COURSE OF ACTION to GROW their relationship. That’s why we created the Marriage Catalyst Essential Course. The purpose of this course is simple: to help you learn and apply proven principles to build a stronger and healthier marriage.

All high performing athletes have one common denominator. They all have proven coaches to help them work harder than they would on their own, build greater strength, respond better to change, thrive in high pressure situations, and perfect their skills. 

In the same way, every growing marriage needs a good coach to help the relationship thrive. High performing executive leaders, marketplace professionals, and entrepreneurs often find it difficult to grow their marriage while building their business. Here’s where we can help!

What is Marriage Coaching?

Marriage coaching is an engaging process that inspires couples to build habits to protect, direct, and grow their marriage.

The aim is to help every married couple understand the original purpose for their marriage as they practice this unique purpose with maximum passion, clarity, and focus. Marriage coaching sessions run between 60-90 minutes in length.

Through Marriage Coaching, couples can discover how to get from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. As couples learn to implement timeless relational habits, their marriage can flourish. As married couples make a commitment to grow their marriage, work closely with a marriage coach, and implement a proven course of action, they can build a stronger relationship as they increase their love for one another.

What’s included in your marriage coaching package?

  • An experienced marriage coach ready to serve you and your spouse
  • Three to five flexible monthly coaching sessions
  • PDF books centered on relational, emotional, and spiritual health
  • 60–90-minute ZOOM coaching sessions
  • Discounts on course bundles and live training events

Start investing in the growth of your marriage today!

Building a healthy marriage never happens automatically. Just as your body needs a balanced diet, exercise, and rest to maximize performance, your relationship needs to learn proven principles and apply them regularly to maximize your love for one another.

Can you build a stronger and healthier marriage? This course will help you lay the right foundation for your marriage to thrive. You need the right foundation to build a strong home; you also need the right foundation to build a growing marriage. The growth of your relationship is progressive. And when the foundation is secure, everything else has a greater capacity to prosper.

There’s no magic pill to build a stronger and healthier marriage. We promise that it will require hard work, sacrifice, and a change in how you do things today. It will require time, effort, and resources, but it is well worth your investment.

You can start building a stronger and healthier marriage today. After more than 30-years of marriage, serving as a marriage trainer, and coaching many couples, we want to walk you through the keys to building a stronger and healthier marriage. You can do this!

Marriage coaching is an engaging process that inspires couples to build habits to protect, direct, and grow their marriage.

Start Dreaming Again!

The Marriage Catalyst Online Course is designed to help you and your spouse build your marriage, one session at a time. Leverage our self-directed study to grow at your pace, from the comfort of your home. By separating only 30-minutes a week, you and your spouse can work through each session and complete the activities at a good pace.

12 Sessions


Remembering the Dream for Your Marriage (4 Sessions)
We want to help you replenish your marriage with passion and purpose. The first four sessions will help you and your spouse remember the original dream for your marriage. We all dreamed of spending countless hours with our spouses immersed in conversation, laughter, and love. This first group of session videos will teach you and your spouse how to reignite your passion for one another.

Establishing a Strong Foundation (3 Sessions)
The second module will focus on establishing a strong foundation for your marriage. Since God is the one who created marriage, it makes sense to discover the purposes outlined in His book, the Bible, for your marriage to thrive. These session videos will help you and your spouse understand the purpose of your marriage.

Connecting to the Right Source (2 Sessions)
The third module will center on connecting to the right source for your marriage to grow healthy and strong. Satisfaction is a powerful force. Connecting to the wrong source of satisfaction will lead your relationship down a path of frustration, pain, and regret. Let’s make sure we connect you to the right source.

Love and Respect (3 Sessions)
The fourth module is without question, a participants’ favorite. It focuses on connecting to the core of your spouse’s greatest need. These sessions will help you discover the most important need that your spouse has and how to consistently meet this need. We will help you understand the implications of the Relational Cycle of Destruction and the Relational Cycle of Growth.


This course is based on the timeless supracultural principles of the Bible, God's Word. Since God is the author of marriage and life itself, our conviction is that the best plan for our lives, and for our marriage, is to align both of them with God's ways. Marriage is a picture of the relationship between Jesus and His church. We teach these amazing principles out of an overflow of gratitude, humility, and a deep love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Together is better. We encourage couples to watch the videos, work through the activities, and answer questions together in a relaxed environment. Part of the design for this course is to stimulate conversation and application after each session.
Spreading out the videos over a few weeks is the best approach. We recommend picking two or three nights during the week, giving yourself at least an hour to allow for open conversation and reflection.
Yes. We want each spouse to have their own workbook and complete all fill-in-the-blanks, activities, and application questions. The reason for this is surprisingly simple. The more you write and engage with the content, the more you will get out of this course.
Expect to be challenged in your thinking as it relates to your role in the marriage relationship. As you separate generous amounts of time to review what your spouse wrote down during the activity time or personal application time, expect to discover new insights. As you do, ask additional questions to deepen your understanding.
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