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Your communication shapes the environment of your marriage 


Good communication is the mark of a growing marriage. It sounds much too simplistic, but it’s true.  Communication shapes the environment of your marriage.  Great marriages are built on clarity rather than obscurity.  Some would say communication in a marriage can be compared to the oxygen delivered to our lungs. 

When the flow of oxygen is of good quality and in constant supply, our lungs can function extremely well.  But when oxygen ceases to enter our lungs, it is only a matter of time before our lungs shut down and we cease to exist. 

When communication is healthy, your marriage has life.  Conversely, when communication in your marriage is limited or nonexistent, it is only a matter of time before your marriage ceases to exist.  Poor communication can’t produce a growing marriage.  No one wants to be part of a relationship where mystery, uncertainty, and a lack of transparency are the norm. 

When the flow of oxygen is of good quality and in constant supply, our lungs can function extremely well.  But when oxygen ceases to enter our lungs, it is only a matter of time before our lungs shut down and we cease to exist.  What do you desire for your marriage?  What are you seeking to create within your relationship? 

Most of us desire to live within an environment where the purist form of communication not only exists, but flows regularly throughout the relationship with our spouse.  You may not use these exact words, but you do want to experience a healthy exchange of words and ideas as you share your life with the one you love.  Why?  The reason is quite simple: 

Your communication shapes the environment of your marriage


Sometimes your communication gets lost in translation.  There are several reasons for this unfortunate reality.  Culture, language, education, difficult experiences, fears, and family traditions are just some of the factors affecting the communication with your spouse. 

Although your intentions may be pure, what you say and what you mean can be interpreted in two distinct ways.  With that said, you can see why learning to communicate effectively with your spouse is so important to building a strong marriage. 

Overcome Relational Obstacles!


The second part of our online course is designed to help you connect better as a couple by overcoming common relational obstacles. 

11 Sessions


Lost in Translation: How to Communicate with Your Spouse (2 Sessions)

Healthy communication is critical to growing your marriage. This fifth section centers on learning relational principles of good communication. Since men and women were designed differently, we hear, process, feel, and interpret things differently. Practicing sound communication principles will help you and your spouse build a thriving marriage. Without it, your marriage will not flourish. 

Making Decisions Together: Experiencing the Art of Synchronized Decision Making (2 Sessions)

Does the way in which we make decisions affect the strength and health of our marriage? Absolutely! Love and unity function together. Couples who make decisions together stay together. Those who don’t make decisions together will surely find themselves in relational trouble. The sixth section will guide you and your spouse through the art of synchronized decision-making.

Reigniting Your Sex Life: Creating an Environment for Extraordinary Intimacy (3 Sessions)

Sex is not everything in marriage, but it is certainly very important. Our seventh section will teach you and your spouse the relationship between relational intimacy and sexual intimacy. We will give you and your spouse practical ideas to create an environment for extraordinary intimacy to grow.

Getting Your House in Order: Keys to making financial decisions with an eternal perspective (4 Sessions)

Finances are the number one reason why couples argue and drive down the highway of relational destruction. You and your spouse need a solid financial plan to give, save, eliminate debt, and spend. This eighth section will help you and your spouse apply the keys to making financial decisions with an eternal perspective.

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This course is based on the timeless supracultural principles of the Bible, God's Word. Since God is the author of marriage and life itself, our conviction is that the best plan for our lives, and for our marriage, is to align both of them with God's ways. Marriage is a picture of the relationship between Jesus and His church. We teach these amazing principles out of an overflow of gratitude, humility, and a deep love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Together is better. We encourage couples to watch the videos, work through the activities, and answer questions together in a relaxed environment. Part of the design for this course is to stimulate conversation and application after each session.
Spreading out the videos over a few weeks is the best approach. We recommend picking two or three nights during the week, giving yourself at least an hour to allow for open conversation and reflection.
Yes. We want each spouse to have their own workbook and complete all fill-in-the-blanks, activities, and application questions. The reason for this is surprisingly simple. The more you write and engage with the content, the more you will get out of this course.
Expect to be challenged in your thinking as it relates to your role in the marriage relationship. As you separate generous amounts of time to review what your spouse wrote down during the activity time or personal application time, expect to discover new insights. As you do, ask additional questions to deepen your understanding.
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