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Leverage Online Training Courses to Help Your Teams Thrive at Work and in Life

Imagine what your team could DO if the biggest obstacle holding them back was suddenly removed?

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay!” - Henry Ford

Hire a professional training company and unlock your team's true potential

Break Through The Barriers That Prevent Your Team From Growing

Negative training experiences have often been compared to drinking from a fire hydrant. Too much information is delivered simultaneously over one or more days. What are the results of this method? Key information is not retained and on-the-job application is minimal. Employees are discouraged. The team leaves with zero desire to attend another future training session.

Thankfully, there's a BETTER way to train your people. And that's why we created on-demand Corporate Training Solutions. We deliver eLearning solutions such as self-directed online training courses in combination with live ZOOM training and professional coaching solutions. We teach soft skills for maximum impact at pace that works for every employee and executive team member.

We have a relentless passion to help leaders—just like you and your team—thrive at work and in life, to realize transformational results.

Challenge your people to develop their soft skills and watch them produce great results

Are your teams too busy to develop their skills? We've got you!

Our flexible online training courses can be taken at any time and from any place

When You Grow Your People You Grow Your Business

What's Included in our Professional Online Training Courses?

* Our digital training solutions—whether online courses or live online webinars—are delivered by trusted, competent, and experienced professionals.

* Most online training programs—including online courses—are delivered through pre-recorded video teaching, downloadable articles, presentations, PDF workbooks, and assessments in the form of quizzes and or tests.

* All of our on-demand digital courses track your progress through each section. You can stop anywhere in the course of your training and resume your work at a future date, starting with your most recent activity.

* Once your team members have completed their online training course, a PDF course completion certificate will be made available for them to download.

* Special discounts on professional coaching programs and existing and future online course bundles offered through Imagine Coaching Academy.

How do you multiply your team's soft skills and accelerate their business performance? Effective Online Training ...that's how!

What is the long-term cost of NOT training your people?

Whatever cost you guesstimate, add three more zeros

Imagine what it would look like for your people to thrive at their work!

"We train animals but we educate people. As a leader you are a teacher. Your primary job is to develop your people." — Ken Blanchard

Intention without action is only a dream. Start training your people today.

What do our clients say about our training courses?

Start a Professional Training Program Today!

Lead your team to overcome client obstacles, work better together, and create a culture that celebrates people and performance.

The best time to start training your people is right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

An online course is a pre-recorded class, streamed over the Internet and designed to deliver specific information on one or more topics. Online courses sever businesses, organizations, and individual professionals by removing the most common training obstacles: limited time, training availability, flexibility, and costs.

Digital learning is the broad brush, leading us to tools such as online courses and programs. Most participants gain a great deal of knowledge, especially since most of the online coursework is completed remotely. With fewer distractions and interruptions, participants gain higher levels of learning. This translates into high knowledge-based application and implementation.

Our online training courses were developed in a responsive setting, meaning that every device—laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone—will have the course materials adapted to fit the size of their device of choice. 

Course Bundles provide businesses and organizations with the flexibility to purchase several online courses simultaneously for a special discounted price. These bundles can be purchased for 10 employees or 100,000+ employees if desired.

Yes! We serve small businesses with less than 10 employees and large companies with over 350,000 employees. We also build customized eLearning courses for government entities.

Yes! However, this training delivery format is subject to instructor availability. For best results, we recommend you contact us four months prior to scheduling your team training event.

Yes! Our online coaching programs are delivered via ZOOM to individuals, small groups, and teams. Please visit our Hire a Coach section, located at the top menu bar of our website for additional information. You can also contact us directly for a complimentary consultation: 786-554-0312.

Why hire a professional training and coaching company? We make training easy. We lead your team from where they are to where you want them to be.

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